Tuesday, May 28, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (21/52)

Tuesday, tuesdays here again! May is nearly over and this year is just disappearing.  Before I know it I am going to be heading back to work. What the! Oh well, that just means I better make the most of my maternity leave while it still lasts.

1 - This past week I was a bit rundown so I spent a lot of time relaxing.  This afternoon with a new magazine, a cup of tea & a some raw vegan lemon bars was delightful.  It's really nice to take some time to relax and rejuvenate!

2 - I tried out some stranded colourwork this week.  This was a little test run for a project I am knitting at the moment.  I am up to the point of starting the colour work but haven't been game enough to start yet.  I think I need a decent block of quiet time to tackle it.

3 - Healthy eating has been a big focus for me this past week.  I have been starting my days with a nice big smoothie.  My favourite combo is apple, watermelon and ginger. Yum!

4 & 5 - I tried out a couple of new recipes this week.  The first was Roasted Capsicum Soup & Finnish Scones from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar.  The second was a delicious pinterest find - Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad.  This salad was amazing!!! Seriously people, get on it.

6 - To compliment my healthy eating this week I headed to the farmers markets bright and early with my parents & sister to stock up on some fresh fruit & veggies.  I love the farmers markets but we don't go as often as we should.  We really need to start making it more or a Sunday ritual.

7 - On Sunday I was lucky enough to get to celebrate the engagement of one of my lovely work friends.  It was so nice to see everyone from work.  I have missed them all while being on maternity leave and it's always nice to catch up with them.  They are all so keen for me to come back to which is nice to hear.

8 - Have you tried acai? I gave it a try for the first time this week and I must say....yum! I made it into a smoothie with banana and almond milk.  I have been told by a reliable source that it is really nice blended with frozen banana and watermelon and eaten like ice cream.

9 - I couldn't resist putting this on instagram last night.  I stole this magazine from my sister on the weekend to read and when I went to read it I found Corey had snaked it from me.  Real men read Cosmo!

So what has been happening to make you happy this week?

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  1. I haven't tried acai fresh but I have had the juice mixed in with other fruit juice. So, I'm not really sure I really tasted it, hehe. Are you in Brisbane? I am heading up there for a few days in October (David has a conference up there) and would love to catch up if you have some time :)


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