Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Months

This past week has been a big week and it has made me realise how fast my little monkey is growing up.  On Monday Imogen crawled for the first time and then on Thursday she pulled herself to standing up for the first time.  It is just crazy how quickly she is changing!  Although she is still my gorgeous squishy little baby who loves a good cuddle which I am taking advantage of.  She still hasn't got any teeth which I am hoping come soon.  We have a little family tradition when a baby gets their first tooth that I am looking forward to.  I have also discovered that Imogen isn't a fan of people with beards.  This is a bit of an issue because both my dad and Corey's dad have beards.  My dad, however, has taken to shaving his beard now because he hates it when Imogen cries when she sees him.  It seems like such a random thing to me because I grew up with my dad always having a beard and most of his friends have beards too.  I think because she is so used to being around women most of the time and Corey doesn't have a beard that they seem rather strange to her.  I am sure she will get used to them in time!  Imogen is still being a fussy eater.  She will only eat the first 5 solids we introduced her to (sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, apple & pear) and everything after that she hates.  But we keep giving her new things so hopefully she will come around soon.  But the best part of Imogen turning 7 months is that it is only 5 more months till we get to have a birthday party!  Being an event coordinator you know I have been planning this since before she was born so to say I am excited would be a major understatement.  Only 5 more months to get my plans set!

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