Saturday, May 25, 2013

Me Made May Update 4

I slowly feel like I am running out of clothes to wear.  There are still a few things I haven't worn but this cooler weather is not making them easy to wear.  Also, I naturally rebel against limitations so I instantly want to wear anything not me made the minute I look at my wardrobe.  You would think given that I set these limitations myself I wouldn't mind them but apparently I don't even like bossing myself around.  So here is what I wore last week...

Me Made May Day 18

Day 18
Quick & Easy Kimono Jacket
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I really just wanted to wear jeans this day so I made myself a quick & easy kimono jacket to wear with them.

Me Made May Day 19

Day 19
Mustard Floral Blouse
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Another jeans day and another repeat of my mustard floral blouse. I love this top so much! I have plans for a second version soon.

Me Made May Day 20

Day 20
Sew For Victory Blouse
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I totally forgot about this top. When I discovered it in my drawer I realised it would go perfect with my Freddie's of Pinewood dungarees.

Me Made May Day 21

Day 21
Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan 
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I caught a bit of a cold over the weekend and was feeling hideous this day.  All I could manage to throw on were some leggings and my cardigan for a day recuperating on the couch.

Me Made May Day 22

Day 22
Red & White Check Skirt
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Corey had a really early soccer game and basically had to leave home the minute he got back from work.  So needless to say in the rush we totally forgot about my me made may photo.  I did a little recreation of the outfit on instagram instead!

Me Made May Day 23

Day 23
24th Birthday Dress
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I felt so much like Minnie Mouse in this outfit.  I quite like the shape of the skirt of this dress but not so much the dress itself.  I think I might take it apart and make it into a skirt instead.

Me Made May Day 24

Day 24
Sew for Victory Pinafore
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It was another chilly day yesterday but luckily I didn't have to leave the house because this outfit wouldn't have kept me warm at all. I really like the shape of this skirt as well.  I think I might need to make myself a couple more but without the pinafore straps.

Can you believe we are nearly at the end of me made may already?!  It has gone so fast.  Only one more week of outfits and then I have free reign over my wardrobe.  Woo hoo!


  1. I love your day 20 outfit. You look like a land girl with your Freddies, 40s blouse and headscarf.

  2. Kat you are always inspiring with your sewing clothes for yourself. I still have a top cut out but haven't been game to start sewing yet and now that it is almost winter and I can't wear it there is absolutely no motivation to sew it at all. Love your outfit on day 21, your cardigan is really lovely. I hope you are feeling better now:)


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