Friday, May 17, 2013

Me Made May Update 3

Another week down in Me Made May and the weather has been wreaking a little havoc with my outfits.  It has been getting cold and gloomy and given that only a few of my me mades suit those truly horrible days I have been a bit worried how I would get through the month.  Here is what I've been wearing this week.

Red Lace Dress

Day 11
Red Lace Dress
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A brand new make for my friend's wedding that I only managed to finish the night before.

Me Made May Day 12

Day 12
Green Boyfriend Cardigan
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Our first rainy day of the week saw me wearing my first repeat for the month.

Me Made May Day 13

Day 13
Kate Spade Inspired Skirt
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The sun came back out today which gave me a chance to wear this sunny skirt.

Me Made May Day 14

Day 14
Grey Vintage Shorts
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Another rainy day and I was a bit stressed about what I was going to wear until I remembered these shorts and teamed them with some tights.

Me Made May Day 15

Day 15
Hawaiian 50s Dress
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Clearly the rain and sun were tag teaming this week.  As soon as I saw the clear blue skies I knew I had to grab the chance to wear this summery dress.

Mustard Flared Blouse

Day 16
Mustard Flared Blouse
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And the clouds were back!  I spent the morning bumming around in my pyjamas while I finished this new top just so I could wear jeans.

Me Made May Day 17

Day 17
Purple Spotted Dress
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I love this spotty dress but the zip in it is super dodgy.  Although you can't really tell it is bugging me no end so I think I am going to rip it out and redo it.

I'm really hoping this weather starts playing nice or you are going to be seeing the same outfits repeatedly for the rest of the month.  I do have plans to try and make another version of my new top so I can wear jeans again.  Fingers crossed!


  1. I particularly like the outfit from day 14.

  2. First, the dress you made for your friend's wedding is AMAZING! You look gorgeous in it. Second- PURPLE POLKA DOTS! Third- YELLOW STRIPED SKIRT! Fourth- Peplum blouse. You have so many wonderful pieces of Me-Made clothing!

  3. you look wonderful in everything :)

    I love the Hawaiian dress so much xx


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