Friday, May 31, 2013

Me Made May Update 5

Well here we are at the last day of Me Made May.  How did you all do?  I managed to hit my goal of wearing one item each day but I must admit I was getting a bit bored by the end of the month.  The crazy weather here on the GC didn't help much either.  It made me want to rug up but I don't have many winter appropriate me mades.  Here is what I wore in the last week.

Me Made May Day 25

Day 25
Tessuti Gridlock Competition Dress
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Today we had a family barbecue and the sun was out in the morning so I decided to crack out my tessuti competition dress for it's first wear of the month.  Unfortunately the rain came in the afternoon so I did end up being a little chilly.

Me Made May Day 26

Day 26
Red Lace Dress
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On Sunday we had my work friends engagement party so I took my red lace dress for another spin.  I tried to keep it a bit more casual then my first wear.  I really love this dress! I think it would have to be one of my favourite makes to date.

Me Made May Day 27

Day 27
Tie Waist Shorts
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Monday was a hang around home day so it was comfy and casual all the way.  These tie waist shorts are so comfortable! I think I need to give the longer version of this pattern a go for winter.  I find it hard though to find a pattern for longer print pants that doesn't make you look like your wearing pyjamas.

Me Made May Day 28

Day 28
Quick & Easy Kimono Jacket
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I think every woman needs a kimono jacket in their wardobe.  They are the easiest way to dress up a simple jeans & singlet combo.  And they are a cinch to make! I can see a few more of these entering my wardrobe in the future.

Me Made May Day 29

Day 29
Lemon Gathered Skirt
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My lemon gathered skirt made its second appearance of the month this week.  I really love this skirt!  I bought this fabric on a whim off the sale table ($5/metre) and I am so glad I grabbed it.  I love wearing colour in winter and this outfit certainly brightened up a rainy day.

Me Made May Day 30

Day 30
Vintage Ladies Dress
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My second goal for Me Made May was to sew three of the projects that I had cut out on my sewing desk.  I finished the third with one day to spare.  I literally sat in my pyjamas all day until I finished so I could wear my new dress.  I am so happy with how it turned out! I just blogged it this morning so if you missed it be sure to pop over here for a better look.

Me Made May Day 31

Day 31
Sew Weekly Buttons Dress
Blogged here

I have been trying to wear this dress all month but given that it is strapless it hasn't really been weather appropriate.  I totally forgot that I owned this cardigan though that is the perfect colour match.  Luckily I discovered it while doing some searching this morning so I finally got to wear the dress.  It only took me all month!

I have really enjoyed Me Made May this year and I have learned a lot about my sewing but I'll be back on Monday with a bit of a recap so stay tuned for that.


  1. Hi Kat,
    Congratulations on achieving MMM. I've enjoyed seeing how a GC girl manages a cooler climate and your style is great.

  2. Hi Kat, your creations are just fabulous! I'm in complete awe of your sewing abilities. And they look beautiful on you. Mel x PS I'm totally digging you with blonde hair :-)


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