Thursday, May 16, 2013

A "Blah" Knit

So a while ago I decided to use up some stash yarn by knitting Imogen a little dress.  I started the Golden Child Dress but wasn't loving the pattern on the bodice.  I decided to skip the pattern and just knit it in plain stockinette.  I thought it could just be a cute little winter jumper dress for Imogen.  However, I forgot that without the lattice pattern being knit the top wouldn't have the same shape as it was meant to.  I finished the dress, blocked it and photographed it.  It was a bit boring and plain and just a bit blah.

purple knit knitted golden child dress knit knitted purple golden child dress

So my question to you dear readers is do you have any suggestions of how I can jazz this knit up a bit? I am just not loving it at all.  It's not a big loss considering I just used cheap stash yarn but it did take a bit of time to make so I would prefer it not to be a total loss.  Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  1. How about stitching a heart centre front? I can't think what the right name for it is, but I'm picturing using a contrast colour yarn and a big needle, and stitching over the knit "V"s so it looks like knit colour work. Does that make sense?
    (Though frankly, Imogen looks adorable in it already!:)

  2. I concur with the cute heart! In a sassy pink!


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