Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Shower

Sunday was a very fun day! My mum threw me a baby shower at her house and it was loads of fun.  I didn't get a lot of photos but I did get photos of the decorations beforehand and the presents afterwards. The decorations were made to match the theme of the invitations.

Baby Shower Dessert Table Baby Shower Baby Shower Food Baby Shower Food Baby Shower Banner

My mum and aunty spent all morning in the kitchen baking up a storm.  We had a delicious spread of cupcakes, brownies, meringues, marshmallows, musk sticks, sandwiches, chicken meatballs, pizza scrolls, spinach & feta triangles and mini quiche.  It was all so delicious and they did an amazing job!

My cousin managed to get a couple of photos of me unwrapping presents.  My camera was playing up so unfortunately most of the photos are a bit blurry but these two turned out well.  The funniest thing going through these photos is some of the facial expressions I make.  I didn't realise I looked like such a goof sometimes :-)

Baby Shower Presents Baby Shower Presents

My little Squishy was super duper spoilt in the present department.  She got so many cute things and my sister even threw in a present just for me, a knitting book of vintage patterns.  I am so excited to start knitting some of these patterns.
Presents for Squishy Presents for Squishy Presents for Squishy

How cute are all those clothes! She has quite the collection of dresses now. I just need to buy some more little hangers so I can hang them all up.  A massive massive thank you to all my friends and family who came along.  It was a really lovely afternoon and I feel so loved.


  1. Getting so close now Kat! Looks like a gorgeous day! And you don't look dorky, so cute! xoxo

  2. The clouds and raindrops decorations are so cute. All the baking looks delicious.

  3. What a lovely shower! Not long to go until Squishy is here :D

  4. All very, very cute! I'm glad you got a present, too :)

  5. Those decorations are amazing.
    You look stunning Kat.

  6. Looked like such fun! I'm organising one at the moment and I'm trying to get as many ideas as possible, I love that you also got a pressie! And your little girl will sure be spoilt rotten when she enters the world :) wish you luck for future, and your little princess


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