Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Quilt....Finally!

That's right folks I have finally finished the quilt for Squishy's room.  I actually finished it about 1.5 ago but it took me till last weekend to get photos and then till today to post about it.  I am so so so happy with how this quilt turned out.  It is a massive improvement from the first quilt I ever made.

Squishy's Quilt

When we first found out we were having a girl I went to Spotlight and chose a bunch of fabrics as the starting point for decorating the nursery.  The fabrics became this quilt and will also become some sheets and a cot skirt hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Squishy's Quilt

I learnt a few things while making this quilt:-
  • If your doing a pieced back you should probably line it up with one of the stripes on the front to avoid a sewn line in the middle of your stripe.
  • I need to use more pins to hold my layers together while quilting. I don't think I used enough so I have a few puckers in the layers.
  • When your not good at sewing straight lines sewing a quilt that emphasizes them can be frustrating.
  • Invisible hand stitching for quilt binding is not as hard as I imagined.
Squishy's Quilt

Regardless of it's imperfections I am really happy with how this quilt has turned out. I have worked my way up from a pram sized quilt to a cot quilt and who knows next time it might be a single bed quilt.  I am getting a bit more confident with the idea of quilting so I think I will definitely be making some more.  Maybe just not for a little while!


  1. It's lovely and squishy will love it!!!

  2. Kat, it looks great! Well done on having the persistence that I could never have :)

  3. Squishy is one very lucky little bub and what a great feeling to get it finished, I bet you can't wait for her to use it. It sounds like you're getting lots of handmade things made before she arrives.


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