Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Bump(y)

Week 34 Baby Bump

The Good
  • Corey starting working later so we get to spend the mornings together. It's a nice change to him leaving while I am still asleep.
  • Buying the last little bits and pieces for Squishy. We did a shop of nappies, wipes, baby bath etc on the weekend so we are all stocked and ready!
  • Packing part of my hospital bag. All Squishy's stuff is ready now just to pack my stuff.
  • New pyjamas to take to hospital. I figured I deserved them after what I am going to go through :-)
  • 3 weeks left of work!!!!
  • 2 short weeks of work - Gold Coast public holiday this Friday and a day off for a hospital visit next Wednesday. Yay!!!
The Bad
  • Trying to get comfy in bed is becoming really hard! Even my snuggle pillow isn't helping.
  • Vomiting in my sleep. Not like projectile but in my throat. Wakes me up with a start and it's not very comfortable. I need to talk to my doctor about it tomorrow morning.
  • Running out of work appropriate clothes. Lucky I only have to get through 3 more weeks.
The Bump
Week 34 Baby Bump 
Holy moly check that belly! She is getting big in there. I am kind of worried about how big she is going to be given that I am going to have to get her out soon. Hopefully she has a little head :-)  Only 6 more weeks to go and 3 more weeks of work. To say I am excited is the understatement of the year. I seriously can't wait!!! Work is becoming a bit of a struggle because I haven't been sleeping well but I am lucky to have a really good team that I work with who help me out a lot.  This past weekend I figured I better start packing the hospital bag just in case she decides to make an early appearance.  I packed everything on my list that Squishy needs but I still need to pack my stuff.  I think I will do that this weekend.  Long weekend!!! I am very excited for the long weekend.  I love a good long weekend because usually Corey works Saturdays so we only have 1 day together.  But whenever there is a long weekend we get 3 whole days together. Very exciting!!! 


  1. You look lovely!! It is a very exciting time. The vomiting in your sleep is reflux - Squishy is pressing on your internal organs and makes digestion harder. I had it too - mylanta helps a lot!!

  2. oh my goodness Kat, look at that gorgeous bump!!
    so very excited for you & I know that you must be feeling so uncomfortable but enjoy these precious moments that you & squishy are as one.
    it will all change soon and you and Corey will be over the moon ♥


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