Monday, August 13, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Bump(y)

32 Week Baby Bump

The Good

  • Spending a lovely afternoon with the girls for my baby shower
  • Getting organised and crossing things off my list
  • Only 5 more weeks left of work!
  • Spinach & cheese triangles. I ate so many at my baby shower.
The Bad
  • Sleepless nights. They are starting to become more common for me now.
  • Stretch marks. I just started to getting them this week and it's a bit devastating. 
The Bump
32 Week Baby Bump

I feel like I haven't changed much in the past few weeks but other people who haven't seen me for a couple of weeks feel otherwise. What do you think?  I am feeling pretty good apart from being tired all the time.  I am having a lot more sleepless nights lately and they are starting to wear me out.  I am guessing it is my bodies way of getting me used to what's to come.  It is annoying though because I still have to get up and try and function normally at work.  I have 5 more weeks left of work which seems like nothing some days then other days seems like ages.  I kind of wish I had decided to finish up earlier but the sooner I finish the sooner I have to go back.  So a few more weeks of work now means a few more weeks with Squishy at the end of my leave.  I think that makes it all worth it!  And with the way the weeks are going now 5 weeks will be over before I know it.


  1. You look lovely! I wished I had finished earlier too.... I only ended up having one week off because that cheeky Little M came two weeks early.

    Sleepless nights and getting up for work IS preparing you for when Squishy comes!! Hope you're having a chance to rest on the weekends.

  2. Baby showers are so much fun and it just makes things seem so real and oh so close to finally meeting your little bub. I remember having so much fun washing the baby clothes I got and hanging them up and seeing how tiny they were, it really is so exciting these last few weeks. I remember the lack of sleep in those last few weeks, gee I thought it was unfair because really you need the sleep now because you won't get it when the baby arrives but like you said it does prepare you for what's to come. I hope those last few weeks fly by quickly.


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