Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holy Sheet!

Oh wow! Is it the baby brain making my blog titles go down hill? Let's hope so. Expect better title in approximately 7 weeks.

Nursery Progress

This weeks project for Squishy's room was to make her some sheets.  The room is slowly coming together and I have managed to get my to do list down to about 3 items which is exciting.  Especially considering we are so close to meeting her and the weeks just keep slipping by.

cot sheets
The sheets were loosely based on this tutorial by Dana Made It.  I read over it and then realised my measurements might be different.  To get my measurements I measured the length and width of the mattress then added the depth of the mattress plus 3 inches for a hem and to fit under the mattress.  They were actually really easy to make and nearly all the fabric was left over from the quilt.  I actually made 3 sheets for the cot but 2 of them were different pink stripes and looked basically identical in photos.

bassinet sheets
These were so easy I decided to whip up a few for the bassinet as well.  Considering the baby shop is selling bassinet sheets for $18 each this is a quick and easy way to save money.  I was a bit lazy with the bassinet sheets and simply lay the mattress on top of my fabric and cut around it.  They worked out perfectly though!

Making your own sheets is so quick and easy and for cribs and bassinets that don't need that much fabric they work out quite cheap compared to buying sheets.  And if your a bit anal about colours matching like I am you can make sure your sheets are the perfect match for the rest of your room.  When I have my last few items crossed off the list I will get a few more photos of the nursery to share with you.  Hopefully that will be within the next few weeks.


  1. Kat- these look fabulous! I love how your nursery is coming together! Not long til Squishy arrives- how exciting :D

  2. I made cot sheets for my son's room 4 years ago in red and white spots and stripes. They're still going strong. They also fit into the port-a-cot. Yours look lovely!

  3. It is looking gorgeous!!! Loving those sheets and that beautiful baby quilt!

  4. Hate to tell you but the REAL brain death happens after the birth. I went to Kmart with my clothes on inside out, d'oh!

  5. It's looking great, I love the pom poms and he colours. Baby brain doesn't get any better either!

  6. I like the title :) your nursery is looking so sweet, I love that you made sheets, I wish I had done this


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