Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1 Pattern, Seven Bloggers - Week 4

Ooh only 1 more week and we will be posting our finished dresses!!! That means I better get my act into gear otherwise I won't have a dress to post about. This week we are meant to be creating a tutorial about some of the methods/techniques we have used to make our dresses. The problem is I have actually used a few tutorials myself in aid of making this dress so it seemed redundant to write a tutorial for something that someone else has already written a very impressive one for. So instead I am going to share the tutorials that I have chosen to use for my dress.

Firstly, this french seams tutorial from Colette Patterns. Lately I have been trying to take as much care with the inside of my garments as I do with the outside. I know I am the only one that sees it but it makes me feel good knowing my garments look just as professional from the inside as they do from the outside.

I will also be using this bow belt tutorial which was posted by Tilly and the Buttons ages ago.

I love bows and I am really looking forward to making a belt that I will be able to wear with

this dress as well as with other dresses that I make in the future.

And lastly I will be making a peter pan collar for my dress using this tutorial from BYOV. I really like peter pan collars but all the dresses I find with them have high necklines which can make me look huge so I have wanted to make my own for ages. I love this tutorial but I don't think I will make my collar scalloped. Decisions, decisions!!!

Well I guess I better get started on my dress now since I only have 1 week left. Eeek!!! Wish me luck!!!


  1. Perfect timing for this post! I forgot that Colette Patterns had this tutorial and I decided to use french seams for my sheer tunic I want to make this evening!

  2. Good luck! I can't wait to see the finished product :)

  3. Lovely! I particularly love the peter pan collar, I'll be trying that out for sure!

  4. I think the peter pan collar will look super cute on the scooped neckline. I agree about high necklines - they look terrible on me!

  5. 'Glad you liked the peter pan collar tutorial. I was just wearing that tank the other day, in some miserable heat, haha. At least my clothing looked good ;)


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