Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project Restyle

Corkboard - After

Project Restyle is a flickr group that was started by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and Rachel from Smile & Wave where people could upload pictures of projects that they have done. The only condition was they had to be restyled from materials/clothing/furniture etc that they already owned. The idea was to take something old and make it new again. I posted a couple of projects to the group when it first started but then have not added anything since until this morning.

Corkboard - Before

I took this old corkboard that has been sitting in my sewing room for ages and decided to turn it into a display board for my necklaces. I am starting to think of projects that I can make now for when we buy a house at the end of the year so that when we do our house can start to feel like a home straight away.

Corkboard - Materials

I also used some leftover quilt batting that I had from when I made my first ever quilt and some material I bought to make a skirt that didn't work out and some ribbon.

Corkboard - After

I glued the wadding down to the corkboard then added a few staples to get it to stay. Then I stretched my fabric over the corkboard and stapled it into place as well. Lastly, I added a couple of pieces of ribbon and all my necklaces and ta-da. A new necklace display!

Corkboard - After

At the moment this is sitting on top of my dresser but when we buy a house I am going to hang it on the wall. I want to make a brooch holder as well and make a little feature display on the wall. God I can't wait until we buy a house!!!


  1. Cute - that is a major transformation! I love browsing the Project Restyle group; it's so inspiring!

  2. Very cool - you are such a talented woman!


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