Monday, May 2, 2011

Read More - April

Some of you may know about my read more challenge for the year but for those new folk here is the deal.  On of my new years resolutions was to read more books.  When I started uni I stopped reading anything that wasn't a text book.  I graduated in the middle of last year but still did not pick up a book until I made this resolution.  I made a little pact with my friend Maria that I would post my reading list each month and so would she to keep us both motivated on this goal.  So here are the books I read in April.

I tried to read this book once before and only got a quarter of the way through before i put it down.  I think it was mainly because it starts off quite slowly.  This time I forced myself to soldier on and I got through it.  The book was good but not great.  It starts off slow and never really builds.  The climax of the book is lacking and is a bit of a disappointment.  It was an okay read but no one I would read again.

Whatever She Wants is a book written by a male escort in London and outlines his story of how he became an escort and some of the troubles he encountered along the way.  This book is more about his life and his learning how to live rather than about sex.  The book kind of reads like a how to of being an escort.  He outlines the do's and don'ts of the business and the mistake he had to make to learn these things.  It really opens your eyes to the fact that there are so many different people in this world leading different lives that you can never really understand until you here about it from their perspective.

Okay, total confession time. I am a Harry Potter addict! I first read Harry Potter when I was in grade 8 and a friend of the family lent me the first two books.  One of my 101 in 1001 things was to reread the series and I figured since the last movie comes out this year I may as well try and read them before I see the last movie.  I read the first two and loved them just as much as the first time I read them.

Now make sure you jump over and check out Maria's blog Movie Mazzupial.  She shares some amazing interviews with actors, directors and the like as well as great movie reviews.

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  1. Wowie, okay, so this is my first comment on the new blog! Congratulations! I love it xx In related news, we are tooo much alike because one of my goals this year is to re-read the Harry Potter series too! I'm trying to work out if I can read them all before July, but since I'll be in America when the movie comes out and probably have no time to see it . . .I might just wait until I come back. Right, now, I have to go and post my reads for the month - you're making me look bad lol.


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