Sunday, May 22, 2011

Daily Style - My New Favourite Colour

Navy Vintage Dress from London

Dress: Vintage from Beyond Retro
Belt: Poundland
Boots: Rubi Shoes
Glasses: FCUK

Navy blue is fast becoming my favourite colour! I own 2 vintage dresses in navy and also a navy pleated skirt which I wear to death. My go to combo is navy and red but I have also been throwing in a little bit of tan or yellow or pink to mix things up as well. Navy is practically a neutral!!! Anyway, this is another dress that I bought in London from Beyond Retro. It is so comfortable and I have worn it heaps since I bought it. I wish we had Beyond Retro in Australia. But luckily the other day I discovered Kitty's Vintage Kitsch in Mt Tamborine which I am pretty sure is the only vintage store on the Gold Coast. I bought two new dresses on my first visit. If you are from the Gold Coast or are visiting the Gold Coast I recommend you stop but this shop. It is gorgeous!!!


  1. It is such a gorgeous colour, and the red belt looks fab with it.

  2. Oh wow thanks for the mention, I hope you show the dresses off as I'm not sure which ones you bought-also, I hardly ever get to see my vintage in action!! Following you back now. Don't forget the Gold Coast VFF is on this weekend if you're interested.xx.

  3. I am also becoming obsessed with navy! That seems to be the only color I'm buying fabric in lately...


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