Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers Day


How was everyone's Mothers Day yesterday? I hope all you mums had a fantastic day and were spoilt rotten!!! Yesterday we started the day with breakfast at a cafe on the water with my parents, my aunty & uncle & cousins and my grandma & Carson. It was a really nice breakfast! We don't go out for breakfast much so it was a nice treat. I made cookies the night before for my mum, aunty and grandma. They were Ginger & Caramel Cookies. I wrapped them all in cellophane and tied them with ribbon. I also made one for Corey's mum.

Cookies and Ribbon

After breakfast we went to the markets which were a bit of a let down as half the places were closed. Then Corey and I went to see his mum for a bit when she finished work. It is so hard coordinating two families and fitting everyone into one day. This is the first year we have done that with Christmas and Easter so we are still getting used to the coordination but it should get easier as the years go by. After seeing Corey's mum we went to my parents house for dinner. Dad made delicious garlic prawns and I made peppermint crisp pie.

Peppermint Crisp Pie

This is the easiest most delicious dessert I have ever made! I shared the recipe here on my old blog. If you try it out let me know what you think. Because my sister is still in London she organised with my dad to get some flowers for my mum for mothers day and I took a few photos so she can see what the look like.

Mum's FLowers from Hayley

Mum's Flowers

Happy Mothers Day for yesterday to all the mum's and mum's to be. Hope you had a fantastic day!!!


  1. The biccies look gorgeous - lucky mums! Definately sign up for the race soon.

  2. What sweet gifts - so lovely!

  3. Those cookies and the peppermint pie look delicious. I will have to try the recipe.


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