Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daily Style - Fulfilling A Childhood Dream

As a child I wished to be a ballerina as every little girl does at some point. The dream was short lived. Then when I was in high school I watched Centre Stage and again dreamed of being a ballerina even though I knew it would never happen. So when I saw this skirt on sale the other day for just $20 I knew I had to buy it and make all my childhood dreams come true.

Daily Style - Ballerina Dreams

Skirt: Alley
Top: Dotti
Shoes: Target
Brooch: Eumundi Markets
Hair Bow: Diva

Daily Style - Ballerina Dreams

Now I can be a ballerina whenever I get the urge. God I love playing dress ups! I am a sucker for a themed outfit. I figure I may as well wear as many as I can before I have kids and they become old enough to be embarrassed by their crazy mother. This outfit also gave me an oppurtunity to try out a hair tutorial I saw on A Cup of Jo. It is one of those super easy hairstyles that makes you wonder why you never thought of it yourself. My hair is still a bit too short for it to look good but its good enough.


  1. You look great, great outfit. I would have had to buy that skirt too!

  2. your hair looks great - I'm going to have to go watch the tutorial now. And don't you just love Ally?

  3. Ooh that's a gorgeous skirt. Love the colour!

  4. looks dreamy Kat, I love the colour of the skirt, the perfect grey!


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