Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Read More - June

It has been another slow month on the reading front for me. I either need to find more time or start picking smaller books to read. The latest Harry Potter book I finished took me the majority of the month.Just like everyone who has read them I love Harry Potter and this book is no different. I have started on book 6 but I don't think I will manage to finish it plus book 7 before the last movie comes out. The Secret Life of Backpackers was a great read! It has done the rounds in my family. My sister brought it home then passed it onto my dad, then mum and now me. It is funny because it kept reminding me of when we backpacked in New Zealand in 2007 even though it is set in Australia. I guess wherever you backpack the culture is the same within the backpacker circuit. To Love, Honour & Betray was a great read but I felt so sad for the main character the whole way through. Nothing was going her way and I think I was a bit stressed out when I was reading it as well so it made me super emotional. I loved the book though. Kathy Lette is a hilarious writer!!!

So I am massively behind on my goal to read 52 books this year. This month brings me up to 24 books so far for the year. Considering I am half way through the year I am a touch behind. I need to read 4.6 books a month to complete my goal. I better get a move on!!!

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