Thursday, July 28, 2011

Featured 2

I tried to get this post up yesterday but I started a new job this week and I have gone from part time back to full time work. It has been so much fun and I feel so much better knowing I have a full time job. Because of Corey's work (carpenter) not being 100% reliable at all times it is nice to know I can cover our bills with my wage if he has to take time off. Anyway, I digress!

Engagement Photos

This is just a quick not to let you all know our engagement photos were featured on Polka Dot Bride yesterday. I submitted them to the blog and was asked to write a post to go along with them. I wrote the story of how we met so if you would like to have a read feel free to pop on over. You will find our post here.


  1. Your engagement pictures are really lovely and the story of how you met is so cute. Congratulations on the new job.

  2. aww too cute ! great story.

  3. Fab photo. Heading over to polka dot bride now to read about it!


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