Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The End of an Era

Last night we went and saw the last Harry Potter movie and it was awesome! I really enjoyed it although there were some little points I would pick on as not being explained properly but generally I thought it was great. It feels like the end of an era for me. I started reading Harry Potter in grade 8 and have loved it ever since. I have read all the books a few times and am currently rereading them again. So as a little homage to Harry Potter I decided to find all my favorite Harry Potter projects from around the net to share here....

Harry Potter Butterbeer

Harry Potter Themed Cupcakes

Harry Potter cupcakes by Susie 99


Gryffindor House Sweater by Xarastar

Cutest baby hogwarts uniform ever!!! By Rae Gun Ramblings.
Potter inspired tattoo via WeHeartIt

And how could I not share this very unsettling photo. Voldemort smiling, Bellatix hugging Dumbledore. It's just so awkward!!!


  1. Oh I love that you dedicated an entire post to Harry Potter! I am going this weekend to see it with my husband and I CANT WAIT!! But yes I am sad it is over. Love those cute!

  2. I love Harry Potter and can't wait to see this last film!

  3. We went and saw it last week - I love it, I thought it was the best one ... I think you should have a go at those cupcakes ... love them.

  4. Very awkward indeed.


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