Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Shop Wish List

Last night Corey and I went shopping and I got stuck in the book shop for a pretty decent amount of time.  I got distracted by all the pretty books in there!!!  I said to Corey if he didn't have any ideas for my birthday present yet he could just buy me a book shop gift card.  So today I thought I would share what books I am hoping to buy next.....

Are you guys like me?  Do you get stuck browsing in the book shop for hours?  I do it every time we go to the shops!
p.s - it's my birthday in 3 days!!!!!!!


  1. Yes, Yes and Yes ..... I once got stuck in a book shop, sitting on the floor, reading kids books .... wanted to buy a couple for me children. They were getting ready to lock up and I didn't realise. Lucky I didn't get locked in. Books are my absolute weakness so I can totally relate.

  2. Great books! i love spending time in book shops...have a lovely weekend!


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