Friday, October 7, 2011

Tweet Tweet

A really quick post from me today cause I had a late night and am super tired this morning.  My question for you this morning is do you tweet?  I joined twitter when I started this new blog and I wrote about 5 tweets and then it sat there saying nothing for ages.  This week I bought an iphone and downloaded the twitter app and now I can't get away from it.  It is an addictive way of voicing the crap that goes on inside my head.  So if you would like to hear my random shenanigans then feel free to follow me on twitter.  I can be found under the username pettisnpeplums.  My profile is here.  If you tweet let me know if the comments so I can follow you too.


  1. i've often thought about it but then wonder if anyone would actually care what i had to say!

  2. Mmm, I'm more of a lurker and follower rather than a tweeter, but hey, it's fun reading the tweets, so I've followed you. Not sure you'll get as much from following me!!

  3. I'm addicted to anything like this so you'll find me @veronicadarling and my work one @ameliachappelow, which is me as well. LOL for twitter! xoxo


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