Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Quick Vote

So, uh, well it seems that October 14th went amiss in my Blogtoberfest posting schedule.  Or I just didn't post.  So just quickly if you could spare a minute to vote did I.....

a - not post due to being abducted by aliens and not having any access to my laptop.

b - not post because there was a massive sale on at Spotlight that caused me to spend a whole day shopping.

c - not post because Friday 14th October fell off my calendar and therefore I didn't think it really counted as a day.

d - none of the above.

Cast your votes now!!!


  1. I'm going to go with B...if your Spotlight is anything like Michaels, I could spend hours scouring the clearance bins!

  2. I'll go with 'a' ...... sounds the least likely. LOL. like your post.

  3. B!! But maybe you can blame the long queue at the register? If your Spotlight is anything like mine....


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