Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fabric Stash

Since I had such success with my wool stash busting I thought it might be a good idea to have a look at my fabric stash too.  I pulled everything off the shelves the other day to check out.


I have not got anywhere near the fabric stash that some people in blogland do.  I have never been one to just buy fabric without a project in mind.  I am always to scared I won't buy enough so I just don't bother.


Pulling all the fabric out made me realise that I mostly have a lot of pinks and neutrals.  It has made me realise I need to branch out a bit with my colour choosing.  There are other colours I like but for some reason when I pick fabric for projects I am always drawn to pinks or neutrals.


So if you add to these piles of fabric some red spotted fabric that I am working with at the moment and some red plaid fabric that is sitting on my desk waiting to be sewn up I have 26 pieces of fabric that need to be made into something.


I already have a project planned for the white and red cherry fabric.  It is actually sitting on my table with the pattern pieces waiting to be cut out.  I also have the red dot fabric I mentioned earlier already part way sewn into a dress and I have a top cut out of plaid fabric waiting to be sewn up as well.


So I think I will aim to sew up a quarter of the fabric like I did with the wool.  That means I need to use 7 pieces of fabric before I buy anymore.  A quarter worked well for the wool and I managed to do it quite quickly too.  Hopefully I will be able to say the same for my fabric stash shortly.  I am still working on my wool stash too.  Now I am allowing myself to alternate between doing a project with new wool and doing a project with stash wool.  Hopefully I will start to get rid of some of the old wool that is in my stash and some of the old fabric now too.


  1. That tape measure fabric is so cute. I love the yellow and white striped one as well. I need to do some stash bustin' too. Mine is getting out of control. I tend to buy fabric knowing what I want to make with it but I don't seem to have enough time to actually sew it.

  2. I have a huge fabric stash too that needs to be turned into some pretty summer dresses! Also, your question on my last post about my glasses, I got the frames in Vancouver and had the prescriptions out in when I got back to Sydney :)

  3. This is such a good idea. My stash is pretty small too, but I always feel a little guilty buying new fabric when I already have fabric at home. I think I'm going to copy your idea. :)

  4. Ha ha well I'm going to make your stash bigger- an old lady gave us some stuff the other day at the shop, including some Victorian lace (sort of like broderie anglaise), we can't do anything with it so I've added it to the bag of stuff thats sitting there waiting for you :)


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