Monday, July 16, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Bump(y)

Week 28 

 The Good
  • My new pillow.  It is so squishy!!!
  • Progress! I have finally finished cutting out the pieces for my quilt top. I have plans to sew it up this Saturday.
  • Adorable baby shower invitations being posted out. They are super cute. I will share pics soon.
  • Free wool. A lady from mum's work had a bunch she didn't want and I got to go through and pick some out.  I am very excited about what I can make with it all.
The Bad
  • Back pain..still. I am hoping my new pillow will help ease it.  Last night was my first night sleeping with it so I am waiting to see if it has any effect.
  • Emotional roller least favourite type of roller coaster.
The Bump
Week 28

So I have not been in the greatest head space this past week.  I'm a bit stressed and anxious and I think I figured out why this afternoon.  Turns out something I have been eating has coconut in it and I didn't realise. I am allergic to coconut and it makes me get really bad mood swings and cry for no reason.  I am hoping that by cutting this food out I will start feeling better.  Apart from that though things are going good.  Squishy is getting super active and her kicks are much more forceful now. I can see my belly move sometimes!  It's a bit weird but good to know she is doing well in there.  I am a little bit excited to have finished cutting out the pieces for my quilt top.  I have plans to sew it together this Saturday when Corey is at work.  Then all I need to do is piece together the back, quilt it and bind it.  So hopefully it won't be too much longer before I can share the finished product.  I also made some tissue paper pom poms for Squishy's room last night.  I just need to get some fishing wire so I can hang them.  Things are finally starting to feel like they are progressing!


  1. oh i love coconut. sorry to hear it doesn't agree with you. i miss being pregnant seeing your photos and reading your posts. i remember how active my two were. look forward to seeing your quilt. you've been busy by the sounds of it. take care. xo

  2. You might not be feeling great - but you look BEAUTIFUL Kat! Hope the new pillow helps. Alice swears by the enormous elastic body things - not very glam but she said they helped a lot and she had a lot of back/pelvis probs in her pregnancies. Blah blah blah everybody has advice don't they!? Big hugs! Sarah xxx


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