Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do You Instagram?

I do!  Apparently I have been on instagram for 49 weeks but it is only within the last few months that I have started using it consistently.  I must admit I am becoming slightly addicted.  It's a fun way to share little snapshots of life.  I am thinking of starting a weekly instagram post to share some snippets of life with you guys.

Instagram Collage 
Row 1 - new shoes, cool dude Kai, lemon delicious recipe
Row 2 - crochet before work, funny birthday card I found, purple converse
Row 3 - Corey the butcher, my new $3 water cup, sewing my quilt top

Follow me @petticoatsandpeplums.  If you are on instagram let me know your account name in the comments so I can follow you too.


  1. hey Kat, hope you're travelling well :) I'm Kittys_VK on instagram.xx.

  2. I LOVE Instagram!!! I'll find you, I'm @MisoCraftyKnits on there! :)

  3. hey just started following you! I'm peta_ballerina : )

  4. I (sometimes) instagram, i'm "maiestia" I think


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