Friday, July 13, 2012

WIP Central

Lately I feel like my craft room (or more accurately my dining room table and lounge) has turned into WIP central.  I just want something to be finished so I can share them with you.  So instead I have decided to post a few photos of what I am working on.

Quilt Cutting

My dining room table is currently covered in fabric waiting to be made into a quilt for Miss Squishy's nursery.  I also want to make some cot sheets and a cot skirt with the leftover fabric from this quilt.  But first I need to finish cutting out my quilt fabric so I can see what I have left for other projects.  So once I get this all cut out I should have a few other things I can get started on too.  It's my pure laziness that is holding me back.  I started out really well and then stalled.  I only have to cute squares from 3 more fabrics and I will be ready to start sewing.  I just need to give myself a kick up the butt and get going.

Cardigan In Progress

I am knitting Miss Squishy a little cardigan too.  This yarn is a bit hard to photograph and the true colour doesn't really show.  It is a dusty pinkish purple kind of colour.  Clear? As mud, right!  Anyway, I have been plodding away on this at night while watching tv but I am just a bit slow at the moment.  I think once I get to splitting the front and back and doing some shaping it will get a bit more interesting but at the moment it is a bit boring.

Nappy Covers

Also fighting for space on my dining room table is this little pile of fabric.  These are going to be turned into some nappy covers for Squishy for summer.  I figure it gets quite hot here on the Gold Coast so spending time in as little clothing as possible is going to be most comfortable for her.  I don't want to make too much till she is here and I know how big she is but I thought I would just make these a size up and if need be I can let the seam allowance out of in.  I am hoping to also embellish some singlets to match each nappy cover.

I just realised there is actually one more WIP in my house that I didn't photograph.  I started knitting myself a scarf but it is so slow going that I highly doubt it will be done before winter ends.  Oh well!  I am a bit more focused on making for Miss Squishy now than myself.  Now hopefully I will get some of these WIP's finished up soon so I can show you an actual finished product instead of these teaser photos.


  1. I love that you have lots of WIPs on the go! so many people lose their crafting mojo in the summer, but you're doing great.

  2. You are one busy bee! So glad to see you knitting! :) What pattern are you knitting up for Squishy?

  3. Those fabrics are great. I love the strawberry one. Sometimes I feel like I've got so many WiPs too. It can be a little overwhelming.


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