Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Bump(y)

38 Week Baby Bump

The Good
  • Breakfast dates with Corey
  • Movie nights with Corey
  • Dinner dates with Corey
  • Can you sense a theme here???

The Bad
  • Not being able to get comfy to sleep.
  • Keeping Corey awake because I am moving around so much at night trying to get comfy.
  • Itching stretch marks - killing me!!!

The Bump
38 Week Baby Bump 

So here we are at week 38 and Little Miss Squishy is still sitting tight.  Apparently at my last doctors appointment she had moved down but he doesn't like my chances of her coming early.  We have been taking advantage of these last few moments of just the two of us with breakfast dates, movie dates and dinners out.  Last week I was feeling a bit unmotivated so this week I have written myself a list of ideas of things to do.  Nothing that I have to do just ideas for things to keep me motivated and not bored.  I'm feeling a lot better this week and getting used to being at home.  I am hoping to get some projects done to share with you guys this week so fingers crossed there is some crafty content on here soon.

Oh and before I forget a big congratulations to the lovely Veronica Darling whose little darling arrived safely this week.  Please jump over to her blog and give her your congratulations.  I know she will appreciate each and every comment.


  1. Oh gosh, not long now! I'm so looking forward to "meeting" your little girl.

  2. It sounds like you're making the most of those last few moments together before your little one arrives, it sounds like fun getting to just hang out and really important to do too. I do remember the itch from the stretch marks, argh. Enjoy your week have fun crafting.

  3. It's been so lovely following you on this journey and might I add, that you're one stylish pregnant lady!!! I hope Squishy gets here safely soon, so you can start the next chapter of your life...in the meantime, I hope you manage to stay motivated ;o)

  4. Ok so you're looking *seriously* massive now!!! good thing she's not early, they develop fully, so I'm told, gives you that nice extra peaceful time at home too.xx.

  5. Goodness the bump is looking amazing! I cannot believe how fast it has been since you first announced you were pregnant! Enjoy this time, I know it's hard but Squishy will be here before you know it!


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