Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Adventures

This past weekend we enjoyed a weekend away with my family.  My sister & her fiance came up from Melbourne to join my mum & dad, grandma & her husband and Corey & I in Woolgoolga for the weekend.  Most of our time was spent by the beach and then Monday we hit the hinterland of Northern NSW to check out some wedding venues for my sister.  It was a very nice relaxing start to my maternity leave.  It was really lovely to be able to spend this time with my family.  The next time we take a trip like this there is going to be one extra person and crap load of extra luggage :-)

SeagullsLunch Time Woolgoolga BeachBeach Belly Corey on the beach Seaweed Seagulls on a bench Big Banana Big Banana & Corey Flowers Cows View Hayley & Kieran Lone Fig Pathways Chook

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  1. Still no baby?! Must be any day now, do NOT worry if your brain disappears for a while after the birth and you can't deal with blogging...okay>?


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