Monday, September 24, 2012

Maternity Leave Week 1

maternity leave week 1

We spent the weekend in Woolgoolga and visited the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour.

I spent a lot of time lying on the lounge enjoying tea & biscuits and trying to break my lunch habit of toasted sandwiches.

My gorgeous cousin won her touch footy game in Port Macquarie. Bummed I couldn't be there with my mum and dad but I get to see her play at the end of October in Brisbane.

I tried a new recipe from recipes + magazine.  It was delicious!!!  I tried to find it on their website to share with you but couldn't. 

I found an awesome new t-shirt!  I am so ridiculously excited about this shirt. We always tell Corey he is a cowboy/country boy so this was a perfect find.

I am loving this new cake decorating magazine.  You get free little gifts with every magazine and they teach you all the basics of cake decorating. I am hoping this will help me improve my cake decorating skills.

I bought a bouncer for Squishy, attempted to put it together, then decided to leave it for Corey.  It only took him 10 minutes.

Corey and I had what could possibly be our last date night before Squishy arrives.  Nandos, maltesers and The Watch.  Perfection!!!

This first week of maternity leave was very odd.  I found it a bit hard to get used to being home alone when I am used to be in an office of 15 hilarious people all day every day.  This week though I think things will be better.  I have written myself a list of things to do to keep myself motivated.  Last week I was getting a bit bummed out about being alone so spent most of my time lying on the couch being mopey and unmotivated.  This week I plan to get things done and enjoy these last few moments of spare time.

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