Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

christmas wishlist

I thought it might be fun to share a few things that are on my wishlist this christmas.  Also I know Corey hates christmas shopping so hopefully this will make his life a little easier.

1 - Nigella Cookbooks - I have one but I would love to add more to my recipe book collection.  I can read Nigella cookbooks like novels.  She has an awesome way of writing.

2 - Sophia Bustier Maillot by Seafolly - I need some new swimmers and I am loving this vintage style one piece.  Plus who can go past a bit of gingham.

3 - Rococo Rose Vintage Maillot by Seafolly - another gorgeous one piece.  I love the blue and the floral.

4 - The Mat - this is a food grade plastic mat that you use to roll out fondant and cover cakes.  My friend lent me hers once and it makes life so much easier.  I would love one of my own.

5 - Wittner Peppermint Heels - Are these not the most perfect heels you have ever seen?  They are to celebrate 100 years of Wittner and they would be perfect to wear with my vintage dresses.  The only problem is I can't choose between these two colours.

6 - Marianne of Maui Coral Hawaiian Fabric - I want to make a vintage style playsuit and this fabric would be perfect.  Such a gorgeous colour for summer!  I am think a circle skirt and top kind of like this.

7 - Bernie Dexter Capri Pants - I have wanted these pants forever!  They are like my dream pair of jeans.

8 - Glass Drink Dispensers - I have visions of parties with glass drink dispensers full of pink lemonade and glasses with striped straws.  I need these in my life!

9 - Wilton Ribbon Cutter & Embosser - this would have made my life so much easier when making Corey's pacman cake.  It's not easy to cut straight strips of fondant with a knife.

So what are you wishing for this christmas?


  1. I'd like a pair of prada sunglasses but at $400, to me that's Ginger's car seat so I cannot justify the purchase. I'm currently in the middle of clearing out our house & spare room of all the junk/ stuff we can live without, so the idea of getting more "stuff" really doesn't sit well with me. Ah, I'm so fussy at the moment!

  2. yeah true! and a car seat will probably last you a lot longer than a pair of sunglasses.


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