Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis The Season

The first item on our advent calendar was to put up our tree and decorations.  We managed to get the majority of the house decorated on Saturday but I am just needing to finish up our stockings so we can hang them.

christmas tree collage

I am so in love with our Christmas tree.  Growing up I always wanted a colour coordinated tree and I love our red, white and silver theme.

christmas decs collage

I feel like we need a few more decorations for the rest of the house though.  We only have a few little things and I want more.  I also have never really been into outdoor lights before because they just seem like so much effort but a few houses in our street are all decorated and now I wish we had some lights.  I think we might need to pick a few things up but I worry about them getting stolen.

Santa Imogen Imogen & Me Corey & Imogen

I can't wait till Imogen is old enough to help us decorate.  This year she sat in her bouncer and watched us with her santa hat on.  This one is obviously way too big for her.  I think I might need to make her her own little hat to wear when we go to carols next weekend.

Have you finished decorating your houses for Christmas?  Do you do outdoor lights?


  1. Yay for Christmas decorating! I'm still not finished, I have a lot up but there's still little things I want to do. We usually do a little bit of outdoor lights but haven't yet this year.

  2. Oh my your little one is so cute Kat and she's growing so big. I would love to have a colour themed tree but alas we have too many decorations that just have to go on the tree. xx

  3. Merry Christmas! Your wee one is SO CUTE!!! And I love your bog tree, it puts my mini one to shame...


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