Friday, December 21, 2012

Cookie Mix Jars

Cookie Mix JarsDo you need a last minute gift for a friend or colleague?  Do you have someone on your Christmas list that loves to bake or who would like to learn how to bake?  Why not make them a cookie mix jar!

Cookie Mix Jars
These are so easy to put together and look really impressive!  I used the measurements given in this post  by Bakerella.  I was hoping to find Christmas coloured mnm's but I couldn't.  I ended up using these orange and white mnm's that are jaffa flavoured.  I think they look quite good but probably a bit more Halloweeny then Christmasy.  Oh well!

Cookie Mix Jars

I found the jars I used in Kmart.  They are about 1 litre and the perfect size for this mix.  I topped them off with some scrap fabric and some ribbon that was leftover from Imogen's christmas outfit.  I think these make quite cute little gifts and I would love to receive one myself.

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  1. Oh these look yummy. Merry Christmas. Also, I've nominated you for a blog award over at have a great festove season!


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